PRYSM offers a team of engineers, designers, project managers and construction managers to provide unmatched expertise in the solar PV industry. When you work with the PRYSM team, you are tapping into decades of knowledge and experience with commercial- and utility-scale projects throughout the globe utilizing numerous power generation and energy technologies. Our team has spent countless hours creating innovative designs and solving intricate problems, both in the office and in the field. We have worked on all phases of the project lifecycle, including planning, preliminary design, feasibility studies, permitting, detailed engineering design, construction, startup/commissioning, and operations & maintenance.





PRYSM Project Experience

Type Size Location
Solar PV Power Plants 104 MW Arkansas, USA
80 MW California, USA
75 MW California, USA
144 MW California, USA
190 MW California, USA
20 MW California, USA
10 MW California, USA
5 MW California, USA
58 MW California, USA
140 MW California, USA
20 MW Connecticut, USA
52 MW Louisiana, USA
52 MW Louisiana, USA
10 MW Oregon, USA
10 MW Oregon, USA
10 MW Oregon, USA
10 MW Oregon, USA
85 MW Oregon, USA
62.5 MW Oregon, USA

Prior Team Experience - Key Projects

Type Size Location
Solar PV Power Plants 80MW Virginia, USA
100 MW Chile
32 MW Gila Bend, AZ
50 MW Red Rock, AZ
150 MW Kern County, CA
265 MW Calexico, CA
30 MW Lucerne Valley, CA
32 MW LA County, CA
40 MW Kern County, CA
200 MW Kern County, CA
20 MW Mojave Desert, CA
10 MW Howe, TX
100 MW Pecos, TX
119 MW Pecos County, TX
157 MW Millard County, UT
Solar Thermal Power Plants 300 MW Gila Bend, AZ
280 MW Mojave Desert, CA
280 MW Blythe, CA
Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants 71 MW Pasadena, CA
650 MW Emporia, KS
440 MW Boardman, OR
Coal Power Plants 2,400 MW Aberdeen, OH
600 MW Manchester, OH
900 MW San Antonio, TX
600 MW Lawrence, KS
1,159 MW Sioux City, IA
681 MW La Cygne, KS
4,800 MW Witbank, South Africa
Corn-to-Ethanol Plants 88 MMGPY Madison, IL
88 MMGPY West Franklin, IN