about us

PRYSM Sustainable Solutions is an innovator in the solar power industry. PRYSM provides value-added engineering and technical advisory services for renewable energy projects, taking an unconventional approach to the typical engineering model. Renewable energy project developers, plant owners, and financiers can depend on PRYSM to provide, thorough, and quality design insight in order to help our clients improve their project designs, reduce risk, and maximize their return on investments. 

PRYSM operates on three principles--Fast, Focused and Flexible. These operating principles allow PRYSM to deliver the results you need, when you need them. We value the quality and presentation of our work, which allows our clients to have utmost confidence in our deliverables. PRYSM has the solutions needed to make your project a veritable success.

company vision

PRYSM's ultimate goal is to discover untapped efficiencies in renewable energy project development in order to create long-term, sustainable solutions to help improve our industry and our planet. With a focus on quality, speed and flexibility, PRYSM strives to build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients, which we believe is the cornerstone to building a successful company and improving the renewable energy industry as a whole.

As a company, we value integrity, efficiency, ingenuity, collaboration, and a mutual respect with all of our partners and clients. By operating under these ideals, PRYSM will become a leader in the renewable energy industry.

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